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Are you looking for innovative and efficient lighting pole solutions? If yes, then look no further than our offered range of Conical Street Lighting Pole, Stadium High Mast Pole, Lighting Pole, etc.

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N. B. Associates buys wide variety of light pole products from different businesses across the nation. We refer our sales representatives as our marketing experts because they work from the neutral stance and make proposals to the light pole product manufacturing companies and ensure to develop strong bonds with them for long term. Apart from this, they persistently work to sell our range of Stadium Mast Lighting Pole, High Mast Lighting Pole, Motorized Stadium Mast Lighting Pole, Lighting Pole and Ociagonal Pole at fair prices to our customers. The thing that makes us stand out as a trader and supplier in this business line is our strict adherence to ethical business practices. We believe in the fact that no one wants to associate with a company that runs its business unethically. Therefore, perform all our business activities on the grounds of morality.

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Guided by our mentors, we have been climbing ladders of success and the evidence of it is our annual turnover of INR 3 Cr. that we attained in the last financial year.

Warehousing Facility

Warehousing facility have to be strictly maintained as per the rules of the industry to prevent the stored goods from damage. Since, this task is tedious, not every company is well-perform it.
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Octagonal Pole
3000 INR/Unit
10 Set/Sets
Cast Iron Lighting Pole
18000 INR/Unit
1 Set/Sets
Trolley High Mast
150000 INR/Unit
1 Set/Sets