Why Choose Us?

Guided by our mentors, we have been climbing ladders of success and the evidence of it is our annual turnover of INR 3 Cr. that we attained in the last financial year. We perform all our business activities on the grounds of morality. Apart from this, following are some more reasons that attract our customers towards us-
  • Professionalism: Regardless of any situation, we work in a systematic manner to ensure timely completion of our projects. And, it is our way of working that is the evidence of our professionalism.
  • Mutual respect: Be they our clients, employees or stakeholders, we treat everyone with mutual respect. 
  • Vendors: Our vendors are everything to us. We consider our vendors as the backbone of our company as they help us have access to their quality approved range of GI Octagonal Pole, Panel Box, etc.
Warehousing Facility

Warehousing facility have to be strictly maintained as per the rules of the industry to prevent the stored goods from damage. Since, this task is tedious, not every company is well-perform it. But, we are different and with the support of our diligent warehousing personnel; we well-manage our warehousing operations. We ensure that the products like High Mast Lighting Pole, Logo Mast Lighting, Solar High Mast Lighting, etc., that we have sourced from our vendors are carefully and safely stored in our warehouse. For this reason; we have also outfitted our warehouse with material handling equipment.